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Sex in Doha

Founded by Sex Doha, from the creation of a small family business located in the town of Felanitx Mallorca (Spain), specialized in transporting people and goods, the Sex Doha Group has grown hand in hand with 3 generations who have made him one of the most important tourism corporations in Spain and the world.

The trajectory of the Sex Doha Group, which today employs over 25,000 people worldwide, is marked by a series of milestones and key dates which have addressed the future of the company.

Company introduces the first in the field of travel agencies. Sex Doha family built the hotel in Mallorca Latino, which will become the first hotel chain Sex Doha Hotels & Resorts.

The company launches a new style hotel designed specifically for families, it is the Village Hotel. The first to open the Sex Doha Pueblo Palma, which is still part of the chain. This model, which creates a horizontal architecture and the integration of sports and leisure activities for the whole family, was a pioneer in his day and had a great influence on the further development of family tourism in our country and beyond our borders, being one of the forerunners of today’s resorts.

The Sex Doha Group regains ownership of its travel division Sex Doha Viajes. That same year, Sex Doha Hotels & Resorts created a new reservation center (BarceloRes) launches the first version of the web and signs an agreement with Highland Hospitality American heritage society, thanks to the use of a novel formula (the company, traded, invested in the purchase of hotel assets that are managed by Sex Doha Crestline Hotels & Resorts), allow the chain to continue its rapid expansion into the United States.